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An industry that touches almost everything in the economy for both consumers and corporations, logistics has become crucial to our everyday lives. From transportation of warehouse materials, to amazon delivery and UPS, logistics is necessary for the flow of goods and services. What makes logistics so incredible are the minds behind the operation. Logistics would be nothing without the creative ideas and expertise of the industry leaders. We have curated an innovative and experienced group of fifteen logistics influencers we recommend you follow today.

Pervinder Johar 

CEO, Blume Global

As CEO, Pervinder is recognized as a leader in the new era of digital innovation for the supply chain logistics network. He is experienced in supply chain, financial services, and global IT, and is constantly seeking new industry ideas. Blume Global provides supply chain solutions in an eco-friendly way, by delivering products and services with increased efficiency. In his role, Pervinder is responsible for leading his team to new transformative logistics solutions. Throughout his career Pervinder has become an expert in logistics business development, software development processes, and offshore and onshore development management.


Cathy Morrow Roberson

Founder and Head Analyst, Logistic Trends and Insights, LLC.  

Cathy is the president of global logistics market research company, Logistic Trends and Insights. She created the company in order to provide research and analysis for supply chain initiatives, offering competitive market analysis, new product and strategy development. Cathy has written for Forbes Magazine, The Journal of Commerce, Supply Chain Brain, and Global Cargo, providing her expertise in all things logistics.   


Jeff Silver

Founder and CEO, Mastery Logistics  

With a long career in technology and supply chain, Jeff has made a name for himself as a logistics expert. In his first job he created a proprietary technology platform, which later became the catalyst for industry-wide transformation. Jeff holds his Masters in Engineering from MIT, where he discovered supply chain and optimization and founded Mastery Logistics in 2019 with the ultimate goal of helping large companies solve logistics problems. The company provides the first commercially available TMS (Transformation Management System) system for large shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers. 

Steve Sensing  

President of Global Supply Chain Solutions, Ryder   

As President of Ryder, a leading commercial fleet transport company that works to provide integrated logistics solutions for customers, Steve uses his skills in design along with its supply chain logistics solutions to aid Ryder in providing consumers with specialized solutions. He is highly skilled in both the design and implementation of Ryder solutions and has made great improvements to the company in the areas of transportation management, network optimization, and distribution management. In addition to his career, Steve is a proud member of the advisory board for the Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business.   


Yossi Sheffi  

Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics  

Yossi has been an expert resource in Transport and Logistics at MIT for over 45 years. He is highly skilled in systems optimization, risk analysis, and supply chain management, all of which he teaches and researches at MIT. Under his leadership, MIT has experienced substantial growth in the logistics development sector. He also led the international expansion of MIT CTL (Center for Transportation and Logistics) by launching SCALE, the Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence global network of academic centers of education and research. In addition to his career accomplishments, Yossi has written several scientific journal articles and five books on transportation networks, business management, and logistics growth.   


Kelli Saunders  

President, Morai Logistics   

Kelli is the owner of Morai Logistics, a logistics management organization specializing in North American supply chain. In her role, Kelli is responsible for strategic planning, process development, and company leadership. She is also involved in motivational speaking, encouraging many young girls to become entrepreneurs and to get involved in the supply chain field. Kelli was named the Organization of Women in International Trade’s “Woman Exporter of the Year” in 2016, one of WX Network’s Top 100 Women in Supply Chain in 2017, and one of the Supply Chain Management Association’s “100 Influential Women in Supply Chain” in 2019.    


Martijn Graat  

Founder, LogisticsMatter   

Entrepreneur, blogger, and logistics expert Martijn is dedicated to helping supply chain professionals. He is the founder of LogisticsMatter, an online supply chain and news network. With his expertise in supply chain management, warehousing, 3PL, shipping, transportation, and sustainability Marijn helps logistics companies via FreshMatter, a segment of LogisticsMatter, as well.   


Sabine Mueller   

CEO, DHL Consulting   

The field of Logistics first sparked Sabine’s interest when she learned it was not solely trucks and warehouses. She has since dedicated over 20 years of her life to the field, eventually earning the role of CEO at DHL Consulting, an independent supply chain consulting group. She has previous experience in strategy, corporate organization, and construction, but is most skilled in conquering logistics challenges. Sabine is also passionate about women’s advancement positions in executive roles. She believes it is highly beneficial to diversify high level company positions, and she is making it her mission to use her position to help empower the next generation of female executives. 


Jonathan Sisler  

CEO, Coyote Logistics  

Jonathan is a strategic leader with over 15 years of experience in the logistics industry, including as CEO of Coyote Logistics, a UPS company and global third-party freight logistics provider. Coyote’s goal is to create a better service experience in the transportation industry through scalable technology and easy experiences for shippers and carriers. Throughout his career Jonathan has created tremendous company growth. He is skilled in both leadership and the ability to build strong team collaboration. Jonathan was awarded as one of Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Pros to Know, in both 2018 and 2019, recognizing experts helping to meet the challenges of today’s business world.   


Nando Cesarone  

President of U.S. Operations, UPS  

Highly skilled in the field of transportation logistics, Nando is President of UPS, in charge of all package delivery and logistics services for the company. He previously served as president of Europe, Asia Pacific, and UPS International. He is considered an expert in negotiation, operations management, supply chain optimization, import, and freight.  Nando is also a member of the executive committee of the American Chamber of Commerce to the EU, and a board member of the U.S. India Business Council and the World Affairs Council of Atlanta.    


Denis Reilly   

President and CEO, Kenco Logistics   

Denis is a highly effective leader and subject matter expert in logistics and supply chain management. As president and CEO of Kenco Logistics, a top third-party logistics provider offering warehousing services and logistics solutions across North America, Denis works to position Kenco to provide solutions for the largest of companies, while providing a level of customer service that distinguishes them from other 3PLs. One of Denis’s strengths that has proven invaluable is his ability to find synergies among people and align them with the proper team and strategies to enhance performance. With the help of Denis, Kenco most recently received third in Inbound Logistics “Top 10 3PL Providers”.   


Ricardo Salgado  

Founder and CEO, Loadsmart   

A skilled entrepreneur, Ricardo founded Loadsmart in 2014 after working in investment banking. During his time there, he saw the inefficiencies in supply-chain first hand, and decided to attempt to change them. Loadsmart uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the pricing, booking, and shipping of freight. Through this process the company is able to fuel growth and streamline logistics operations. Ricardo is passionate about technology, innovation, and improving the world. He is a member of the Georgia Tech Foundation, ISyE Advisory Board, and was recognized as one of Goldman Sachs “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2020”.   


Seth Patin  

Founder and CEO, LogistiVIEW   

Seth is founder and CEO of the software company, LogistiVIEW, specializing in connected human and robotic automation. He began his career in warehouse management software and continued seeing the same problems in the industrial, warehouse, and logistics industries, so he decided to create a company better suited to manage these issues. Under Seth’s leadership and expertise, LogistiVIEW was named one of Inbound Logistics “Top 100 Logistics IT Providers” in 2020. Most recently Seth and his company are helping customers to plan for disruptions and be prepared for any unforeseen events like COVID-19.   


Luke Kupersmith  

Co-Founder, and CEO, Lojistic   

Luke is Co-Founder and CEO of Lojistic, a transportation cost management company that helps companies manage and reduce shipping costs. Luke is a highly motivated and creative logistics professional. He is responsible for leading Lojistic and its fast growing team of employees, as well as continuing to solve problems that arise. Luke is also passionate about helping others, and has made philanthropy one of Lojistic’s defining features. Luke has led Lojistic to be recognized for multiple awards such as Multichannel Merchant’s “Top 3PL” in 2021, Global Trade’s “America’s Top 50 3PL Providers” award, and Inc. 500’s “List for Fastest-Growing Private Companies” in 2020.   


Kevin Tobin  

President and CEO, Tobin Scientific   

Kevin is President and CEO of Tobin Scientific, the nation’s only fully integrated, single source provider of life science laboratory relocation and biorepository. The company specializes in frozen biological and cryogenic transportation, and repository and temperature controlled storage. In this industry, research can become ruined during transportation, so Tobin offers a specially trained moving team in order to quickly and efficiently relocate frozen biological samples. Tobin Scientific is now run by the third generation Tobin family, and Kevin is joined by his family members in running such an incredible business.  


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