The Top 50 Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics Influencers You Should Know (Part 2)

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As manufacturing, supply chain and logistics industries have had to pivot and innovate in this unprecedented time, there are influencers that stand out in the crowd. From their bold perspectives, creative thinking and use of innovative technology, this group represents the pinnacle of visionary leadership delivering real value, benefit and competitive advantage across the globe.

We hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of our Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics Influencers list so without further ado, and in alphabetical order, here is Part 2 of this year’s list.

26) Rony Kubat

Co-Founder, Tulip

Enabling the manufacturing workforce to improve efficiencies, share best practices, and decrease downtime is what Rony lives and breathes. In addition, he helps to increase the consistency and safety of manufacturer’s manual processes to improve workflow.


27) Cindy Lee

Founder and President, LYNC Logistics

Cindy leads her company with a multi-prong approach. With a focus on exceptional customer service and continuous improvement, she invests in people, enables her company to use cutting edge equipment and technology, and leverages their experience to provide the highest quality of service possible. The company’s success is measured through the success of their customers. It’s no surprise then that LYNC Logistics is one of the fastest growing third party logistics providers in the country.


28) Natan Linder

Co-Founder and CEO, Tulip

Natan helps the manufacturing workforce stay competitive, putting the latest technologies to work on their behalf. He challenges the way manufacturers think about products consumers use daily and aims to fuse design and engineering to create novel human experiences.


29) Lori McGrath

Chief Manufacturing Engineer, Aviation Systems Supply Chain, GE Aviation

Lori leads an advanced engineering team tasked with new production introduction and tollgate process improvements, as well supply chain and manufacturing engineering optimization. She was recently honored as part of the ‘Top 20 Women Making Their Mark in Aerospace and Defense’ by SME Smart Manufacturing Engineering Magazine.


30) Kristi Montgomery

VP Innovation, Research & Development, Kenco Logistics

Kristi believes innovation without execution is of no value. With 30 years of logistics and supply chain experience, we can see how leading innovation in the industry is a passionate pursuit. She drives customer and vendor collaboration to deliver real solutions and results and fosters thinking “inside” the supply chain box while designing unique solutions that drive value.


31) Sabine Mueller

CEO, DHL Consulting

Passionate about the future of logistics and women in leadership, Sabine has been dedicated to the logistics sector for close to two decades. She understands how to guide global logistics to effectively tackle supply chain challenges and rethink the way we do business as the industry continues to undergo transformational changes. Sabinee stays at the forefront of digitalization, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT,  the supply chain and logistics ecosystem as they evolve.


32) Aneesa Muthana

President, CEO and Co-Owner, Pioneer Service Inc.

“Knowing that the parts that leave my shop are contributing to the world at large, touching lives, and benefiting people fuels my passion,” Aneesa states. She attributes her success to only being possible through building a high performing team that embraces leading-edge technology. Aneesa advocates building relationships both inside and outside of her company, and that success can only be earned, and never given.


33) Stephanie Neil

Editor in Chief, OEM Magazine and Senior Editor, Automation World

Reporting on business and technology for over 20 years, Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge on smart manufacturing technologies, R&D, product design, the plant floor, enterprise and the supply chain. She reveals the business value of operational processes while exploring how technologies evolve to impact our daily lives.


34) Dr. Adeola D. Olubamiji

Advanced Manufacturing Technical Advisor, Cummins Inc.

Dr. Olubamiji is a member of Putnam Media’s 2019 class of Influential Women in Manufacturing, which honors women who are making a difference in the manufacturing and industrial sector. She is an additive manufacturing subject-matter-expert and co-leads Cummins Binder Jetting Industrialization & new business start-up efforts. She is also the Founder & Secretary of STEMHub Foundation, a non-profit preparing females and visible minority youths with practical skills and one-to-one mentoring required to increase their proficiency in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and thrive in STEM careers in Ontario Canada and West Africa.


35) Kevin O’Meara

VP, Integrated Supply Chain, Shaw Industries

Kevin is a highly experienced supply chain and logistics executive with rich experience in global supply chain strategy, logistics networks, transportation management and procurement, warehouse and distribution design and execution. In addition, he has concentrated expertise in the design of sales and operations planning (S&OP) strategies and how they integrate with logistics execution strategies.


36) Paul Page

Logistics Report Editor, The Wall Street Journal

If you need a keen eye on the logistics and manufacturing sector with hard facts and engaging commentary, look to the stories Paul oversees in the WSJ’s Logistics Report. From best practices, trends and more, you’ll be in the know in the rapidly changing industry.


37) Mickey North Rizza

Program VP Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce, IDC

Mickey advises clients on ERP and i-ERP systems and digital commerce with a focus on the key trends, opportunities, and innovation. She has over 20 years’ practitioner experience in supply chain, sourcing and procurement. Prior to IDC, she worked as an award-winning analyst for AMR Research and Gartner and has several years of technology vendor experience helping practitioners on their transformation journey.


38) Kate Rome

President, Rome Grinding Solutions

As a member of Putnam Media’s 2019 class of Influential Women in Manufacturing, Kate is dedicated to refuting outdated stereotypes about the manufacturing sector such as that the skills required are a better fit for men and the workplaces are dirty and dangerous.


39) Dr. Sherrika Sanders

Sr. Technical Engineer, Manner Polymers

Dr. Sanders is a dedicated leader with proven success in developing teams and driving STEM initiatives. She is driven and motivated by encouraging others to excel by being the best version of themselves possible. It’s grounding principles such as these that lay the groundwork for achievement and positive influence in the industry.


40) Rob Schoenthaler

Founder and CEO, Atollogy

Rob leads Atollogy with over twenty-five years of executive leadership, practice management, solutions innovation and business development experience. He helps to uncover your operational bottlenecks in real time so you can make your manufacturing facility experience excellence.


41) Adrienne Selko

Senior Editor, IndustryWeek

Overseeing the publication’s Expansion Management section, she uncovers the strategies on how successful manufacturers leverage location to gain competitive advantage.


42) Jennifer Smith

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

If you’re looking for in-depth and comprehensive coverage on logistics and supply chain, we recommend following Jennifer for her insightful, smart takes on the companies driving the logistics sector.


43) Andy Storm

President and CEO, Eckhart

Andy’s commitment to providing advanced industrial solutions that improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of production lines, while investing in Junior Achievement STEMworks programs paves the way for future generations.

Eckhart Facebook page

44) Willem Sundblad

Co-Founder, Oden Technologies

One of Forbes 30 Under 30, Willem is a manufacturing industry expert and specializes in analyzing and commenting on trends with clarity and technical expertise. You’ll see his expert insight in his Forbes column on how he is working to transform the manufacturing industry by digitizing, analyzing and perfecting peak factory performance.


45) Bob Tita

Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

For over 11 years Bob has been providing in-depth reporting on the manufacturing and industrial sectors. From 3D manufacturing, logistics and packaging, Bob delivers the latest critical information pertaining to the industry.


46) Tara Thomasson

Fellow, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

Tara is a subject matter expert in the areas of advanced manufacturing technology and strategy, thermoplastic additive manufacturing and advanced materials and processing. She knows how to build development programs to solve manufacturing challenges and enable forward thinking innovation for use on future production systems.


47) Lizet Tymon

Senior Supply Chain Management Director, Jabil

A supply chain planning professional with 17 years of experience in the diversified contract manufacturing industry, Lizet is a successful leader and developer of talent. She has deep experience in leading her company’s S&OP transformation strategy and developing a fully integrated planning solution leveraging Kinaxis Rapid Response. She helps planning teams to proactively collaborate with their customers and suppliers by performing efficient scenario planning to maximize revenue and optimize inventory.


48) Lisa Webb

VP of Operations, Gorton’s Inc.

Lisa is an inductee in Putnam Media’s 2019 class of Influential Women in Manufacturing, which honors women who are making a difference in the manufacturing and industrial sector. She finds mentoring to be one of the most rewarding parts of her career and aims to bring the next generation of talent into manufacturing.


49) Paul Wellener

Vice Chairman, Head of U.S. Manufacturing Practice, Deloitte

Paul has more than three decades of experience in the industrial products and automotive sectors and has helped organizations address major transformations.


50) Lavon R. Winkler

CEO, FLEXcon North America

Lavon’s focus on building a foundation of developing people first, has proven successful in business. He develops leadership teams by inspiring people’s passion to learn, improve, and perform while motivating leaders to regularly exceed both operational and financial objectives. His 30 years of executive-level domestic and international experience in various industries including a $1B Fortune 500 company has involved both service entities and durable goods manufacturing.


The Honorable Mention

Philippe Gautrin

CEO, Generix Group North America

Prior to assuming the role of CEO in 2019, Philippe was vice president, customer success where he led a team focused on maximizing Time to Value of Generix’s Supply Chain tools. Previously, Philippe was the vice president of business development for Proaction International, expanding the partnership network in North America. With almost 20 years as a partner at CGL Group, Philippe supervised hundreds of projects in the U.S., Canada and Europe within the supply chain and logistics space.


Jeff Williams

Chief Strategy Officer, FiveBy

As CSO, Jeff brings a unique approach to supply chain provenance through a combination of data analytics, cyber forensics, materials science, and signal analysis for top companies in the tech industry.


Michael Zaccaro

President and CEO, Pharma Logistics

Strategist, ambassador, inventor, coach and student are just some of the adjectives that describe Michael. He stands behind the company he founded encouraging new ideas, the importance of learning from past experiences and using those insights to continually improve.


And here you have our Top Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics Influencers You Should Know for 2020. Do you have suggestions for next year’s list? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you! 

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