Forging A Crisis-Proof Supply Chain

The Rise of a More Innovative, More Resilient Industry

Expert Interviews

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Forging ahead.

We’re beginning to see the effects of rapid innovation. New technologies. New relationships. A new spirit of nimbleness. These changes may, in fact, prepare global supply chains for the disruptions that climate change may bring in the coming years.

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Marina Mayer

Content Director, AC Business Media
Editor-in-Chief, Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logisitics

It’s a vicious cycle that just keeps going, like we’re all stuck in a hamster wheel. There’s still the driver challenge. The overall product shortage—whether ingredients, microchips, or containers—is still creating havoc in the supply chain. Lockdowns overseas force companies to nearshore.

Lisa Morales-Hellebo

CEO and Cofounder, REFASHIOND OS
Cofounder and General Partner, REFASHIOND Ventures

The greatest challenge is the lack of urgency and the lack of capital being deployed into specialized early-stage supply chain funds. The most important innovations are underfunded. That’s because limited partners are injecting capital into the same funds that created many of our planet’s problems.

Marcell Vollmer

CEO, Prospitalia Group

The need for a more resilient supply chain is the key learning I see right now. Companies are looking to mitigate risks due to high dependency from certain suppliers and countries.

We have seen what can happen when China calls for lockdowns—but even before that, how a single ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal can interrupt the global supply chain.

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