15 Advanced Manufacturing Influencers You Must Know

By Erin Vadala

Manufacturing had never been more exciting. The new industrial revolution is here. Transformation continues at breakneck pace. Technologies that were just buzzwords a few years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning, are delivering real value, benefit and competitive advantage in factories around the country and across the globe.  
If you want keep up with the dynamic changes impacting manufacturing, here are 15 top manufacturing journalists, influencers, thought leaders and visionary CEOs leading the way in 2019:

+ Prasad Akella: Co-founder & CEO of Drishti, digitizing human actions on the assembly line
+ Titan Gilroy: CEO, Titans of CNC; @titansofcnc  
+ Jerry Gootee; Americas Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Leader at EY
+ Allison Grealis: President of Women in Manufacturing: the only national trade association dedicated to providing year-round support to #WomeninMFG; @allisongrealis
+ Austen Hufford: Wall Street Journal U.S. Manufacturing Reporter; @austenhufford
+ Brad Keywell: Founder & CEO of Industrial AI software company Uptake; @bradkeywell
+ Natan Linder and Rony Kubat: Co-founders of manufacturing app platform Tulip; @tulipinterfaces
+ Stephanie Neil, EIC of OEM Magazine and Senior Editor at Automation World; @neilst
+ Rob Schoenthaler: CEO & Founder of Atollogy, making smarter operations visible
+ Adrienne Selko: Senior Editor, IndustryWeek; @ASelkoIW
+ Andy Storm: President & CEO at Eckhart, delivering engineering and advanced industrial solutions
+ Willem Sunblad: CEO & Founder at Oden Technologies I Forbes 30 Under 30 – Manufacturing & Industry; @WillemSunblad
+ Bob Tita: Wall Street Journal Manufacturing and Industrial Companies beat reporter; @bob_tita
+ Paul Wellener: Head of U.S. Manufacturing Practice at Deloitte; @pwellener

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