Weathering the “Speed Bumps” of the Global Economy

By Ariane Wolff

Anyone tracking the health of their business – from owners, to the C-suite, to the sales team and beyond – will likely relate to the statement below. For many companies, the health of their supply chain is the primary indicator of the overall health of their business. So what’s a business to do to ensure its supply chain weathers the “speed bumps” of the global economy?  

“In today’s business climate, economic conditions…may change in an instant – whether due to economic issues around the world or more industry-specific speed bumps. Those changes can have an immediate impact on global supply chains, hitting both suppliers and buyers in unique but equally challenging ways.” – Nathan Feather, CFO, PrimeRevenue

The answer is Supply Chain Finance (SCF, also known as reverse factoring). Per Mr. Feather, SCF is “a valuable tool that tackles these issues head on. It provides a win-win solution for both buyers and suppliers, empowering them to meet their corporate and strategic objectives. SCF acts as a defensive layer, enabling both suppliers and buyers to optimize their cash flow, providing a means to insulate themselves from a volatile economy.”

In an article featuring PrimeRevenue in EBN, a publication targeted to supply chain professionals, Mr. Feather provides his expert insights into the benefits of SCF to both suppliers and buyers.

EBN: Facing the Ticking Time Bomb of Corporate Debt

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