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Marketing to Millennials

Born between 1977 - 2000 and over 80 million strong, Millennials today represent the largest market segment in the world, 25% of the U.S. population, in fact.

Characterized as tech-savvy and educated, they view the world differently from earlier generations -- having grown up as digital natives in an uncertain and turbulent economy.  These factors and more make marketing to them a unique challenge and opportunity.


Reaching Millennials has become an increasingly important goal for many of our clients and so we’ve decided to formally bring our expertise in brand building and creating strategic awareness to this influential and demanding demographic.


Warner’s new practice dedicated to marketing to Millennials - M2M™ provides clients with fresh approaches to engage and influence Millennials backed by our senior level experience and proven program strategies. Millennials are wise to the ploys of campaign marketing, and if something is not genuine, it’s not going to get their approval. Our M2M™ programs will capture the attention and loyalty of Millennials by using creative, share-worthy campaigns, cultivated specifically for this audience, that peak their interests inherently. It’s with this understanding that we are able to reach the Millennial demographic organically.


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