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The Wind Beneath Your Wings

The Foundation for Great Marketing Programs May Surprise You


Attention marketers:  Do you believe that you can easily lose ten pounds in one week? Do you plan to go from “couch potato” to marathoner in the space of a month? Of course not! And yet, the expectation of this “instant gratification” is invading the public relations space—big time.





Marketing to Millennials on Social Media?

3 Reasons Why Your Efforts Aren't Going to Waste


When it comes to spending money, Millennials have it. As a generation that spends over $600 billion annually, and is projected to reach $1.4 trillion in annual spending by 2020, marketers have been adjusting their budgets to account for Millennials for some time now. And with over 75 percent of Millennials on social media, marketers have specifically adjusted their social media marketing budgets to attract Millennials.






Millennials Have Changed Political Elections As We Know Them

3 Millennial Marketing Tactics You can Learn From the Campaigns of Presidential Hopefuls


When it comes to the 2016 presidential election, Millennials have turned typical campaign strategies upside-down. They've drawn attention to topics often shied away from, encouraged candid candidate personalities, and caused for a major shift in direct marketing tactics.






The Millennial Approach to Work Life vs. Personal Life

For technology and social media, Millennial activity at work differs from off-hours


When it comes to finding a work vs. life balance for Millennials, their active use of technology and social media make for an interesting challenge. In May 2015, Pew Research reported that Millennials now make up more than one of every three workers; and in 2015, Millennials became the largest generation in the current US workforce. If there was ever an appropriate time to understand the connections between Millennials’ use of technology and social media the time is now!






Not Your Father's Holiday Marketing

5 Ways to Win Over Millennials This Christmas Season


We are all familiar with the typical holiday marketing campaigns; we see the same Christmas commercials and store clerks dressed like Santa's elves every year. But this holiday season, traditional marketing campaigns, aimed at Baby Boomers and Gen X, just won’t cut it if you are looking to influence Millennials. Since one quarter of the U.S. population are classified as Millennials, it's time to turn your marketing prowess to this key group.




















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